Gary Cerantola

Gary Cerantola, Hon BSc. Chemistry, Professional Engineering., MBA, is a resident and advocate for Wasaga Beach. He is a Management Consultant (Critel), Business Professor, Board of Future Health Services Inc. and Wasaga Beach Chamber of Commerce, Chair, Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival.

Gary promotes the idea that ‘the environment IS the economy’ and that our future economy in Georgian Bay should be based on eco-tourism and ‘green’ jobssuch as kayaking in the Minesing Wetlands.

Kate Harries

Kate Harries started Return of the Native, a native plant nursery near Elmvale, to foster understanding of the beauty and usefulness of native plants.

Return of the Native is located tat 1186 Flos Rd E. Elmvale ON L0L 1P0, 

705 322 2545 (please call ahead) website www.returnofthenative.ca.

Kris Puhvel

Kris Puhvel is the Executive Director of Friends of Killarney Park. He came to Killarney as a hiking, kayaking and naturalist guide for Killarney Mountain lodge in the year 2000. He lives in the village but spends the summer living on his boat. He is an avid cross-country skier and hiker taking full advantage of the Killarney wilderness lifestyle. 

Friends of Killarney Park is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to furthering educational and interpretive programs in the park. Established in 1986, the Friends encourage and support the goals of Killarney Provincial Park and its mandate for protection, preservation, education, recreation and interpretive programs relating to the natural, scientific, historic and cultural resources of the park.

Kim Newby

Kim Newby has a diploma in Native Education, Community and Social Development and a B.A. in Law and Justice. She performs for White Pine Dancers as a hoop dancer, jingle dress dancer and fancy shawl dancer. She facilitates adult and youth workshops in regalia making and traditional dance.

Monika Lukacena-Rosso

Monika Lukacena-Rosso BSc., ND is a Naturopathic Doctor operating the OLEA Health in 

Wasaga Beach.  She makes regular contributions on healthy living to Georgian Bay Today.

Olivia Hill

Olivia is a Queen’s Philosophy graduate who has had a passion for writing since she was young. She attended an arts intensive school from ages nine to eighteen, where she was able to study drama, dance, visual arts, film, photography, and play the cello. She is a cottager on an island in Muskoka, and although she currently lives in Toronto, she will always feel most at home on the lake. This year Olivia spent five months backpacking throughout South East Asia, where she learned that “attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure!”

Penny Barr

Penny Barr is an artist living on a two-storey floating home at the foot of the spectacular Scarborough Bluffs. She specializes in cartooning and illustration but also frequently does commissioned portraits. She spent twenty-five years in the art department of the Globe and Mail as an artist/designer and recalls fondly the great fun they used to have there.

Penny not only lives in a floating home on the water but works on a thirty-three foot, restored, Dutch-style riverboat. This vessel is moored right across from her home and she goes there every day. (The commute is two minutes!) It's a wonderful, one-of-a-kind, floating studio where Penny paints pictures and sketches life as she sees it.

Steven Duff

Steven Duff has been “retired” since 1996 following a very intense thirty-plus years’ career in secondary school music education.  Since that time, he has explored the other artistic disciplines of writing, drawing, and watercolour; he is also an avid armchair student of history, an enthusiasm that has spilled over into much of his writing and visual art.  

As well as over one hundred magazine and newspaper articles concerning history, music, and transportation, Steven now has seven published novels to his credit, and has done “book talks” in such various locations as Oakland (Maryland) Cleveland and Cincinnati (Ohio), as well as Toronto. He also collaborated with two other writer/historians on The Grey Ghosts, a history of the Lower Lakes Co., whose ships deliver road salt to Parry Sound.